Host a Local "Listen & Learn"

Invite your neighbors and friends for an evening of conversation about the state of public education in Georgia. You can choose the specific topics to be discussed based on your community’s interests and concerns. Public Education Matters Georgia is here to help you:

  • Create an invitation

  • Publicize your event

  • Choose a topic or topics

  • Provide information and data for your discussion

  • Prepare a Discussion Guide for your event

And we’re always happy to join you for your discussion if that would be helpful.
Interested? Please call us at (404) 217-8703 or click the button below:  

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Donate to the Effort

Public Education Matters Georgia works tirelessly to help you stay informed by providing up-to-the-minute information on issues affecting public education in Georgia. To do this work we rely on generous donations from public education-minded friends like you. Please help us spread the word.